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D3806 Digital DC Power Converter CC CV Led Driver 10-40V To 0-38V 0-6A Up/Down

DPS 3806DC-DC Digital Control Boost and Buck Module is a digital control and digital display step-down module,it has small volume, high power, high efficiency,The product is characterized by whether the input voltage is higher than or equal to or less than the output voltage, are able to ensure the stability of the output working stability.It controlled by high speed micro controller, can adjust the output voltage and current accurately.It has 10 groups of storage location, can store and bring up the parameters at any time.It equipped with four of the eight period LED digital tube,which can real-time display voltage, current, power, capacity and other parameters. At the same time, the machine has automatic output after electrify, automatic take turns to display parameters and other functions, you can open or close it according to the needs.

Main features:
Digital display, convenient and easy to use
Constant voltage and constant current state
OUT,CV and CC indicator light
Adjust output voltage and current value accurately
Automatic/manual switch voltage, current, power, capacity and other parameters display
It can be set whether automatic output or not after electrify
It can be set whether take turns to display voltage, current, power and capacity or not after output
10 groups of storage location, free storage and bring up
One key to save voltage and current value

Technical parameters:
Input voltage:10V ~ 40V
Input current: 0~8A
Output voltage: 0 ~ 38V
Output current: 0 ~ 6A
Voltage regulation/display resolution: 0.01 V
Current regulation/display resolution: 0.001 A
The minimum display resolution of power: 0.001 W
The minimum display resolution of capacity: 0.001 AH
Conversion efficiency: up to 80%
The output ripple: ≦50 mV
Working temperature: - 40℃~ + 85 ℃
Working frequency:150 KHz
Short circuit protection:Constant current
Input reverse connect protection:No, if necessary please install diode
Connection mode: Terminals
Size (mm):100 (long)*80 (wide) * 29 (high)
Weight: 146 g